My Story

I originally was asked by a friend to work on some music for his game, having just stumbled across Soundtrap, a free (mostly) website where I could make and create music. I decided to get to work, creating an original OST for his game, which unfortunately was canceled.

I have been creating music since 2018, with my big shift to soundtrap coming in 2019. Soundtrap has become the main source I use to make my music.

Sampling and Mixing

What I do is mostly sampling. I use whats already available on soundtrap instead of creating my own melodies, but I still do make original compositions.

Mashup Creation

I got into mashup creation about a year ago, and it has become the secondary way of how I make music. I use a free program called audacity to do this, and I’ve become really good with timing and making sure everything fits together.